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Ben Franklin - founding father, inventor, commercial fraud visionary?

On January 17th, we celebrated the 308th birthday of one of America's most famous founding fathers, Ben Franklin. I've been a lifelong fan of his after reading his biography while in middle school, and each year when his birthday rolls around I'm inspired to research him a bit more since there more

Trust me, I have lots of Facebook friends

I recently read interesting articles on the Knowledge@Wharton and CNNMoney sites covering the land grab that's taking place among financial services startups that are trying to use a consumer's social media activity and data to make lending decisions.  Each of these companies are looking at more

Sports Imitating Fraud

Ah, fraudulent behavior is currently enjoying a bright shiny moment in the sun in today's pop culture, particularly in the world of sports. Whether it's a college athlete being duped for months by telephone conversations with a non-existent girlfriend, or the world's best known cyclist coming more