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What is subprime?

- by Veronica Herrera As a scoring manager, this question has always stumped me because there was never a clear answer. It simply meant less than prime – but how much less? What does the term actually mean? How do you quantify something so subjective? Do you assign it a credit score? Which one? more

The power of credit attribute overlays

-by Veronica Herrera Previously, we looked at the various ways a dual score strategy could help you focus in on an appropriate lending population. Find your mail-to population with a prospecting score on top of a risk score; locate the riskiest of all consumers by layering a bankruptcy score more

Bankcard performance remains strong

- by Alan Ikemura Up to this point, I’ve been writing about loan originations and the prospects and challenges facing bankcard, auto and real estate lending this year.  While things are off to a good start, I’ll use my next few posts to discuss the other side of the loan equation: performance. more

Scoring 101 – Dual score strategies

by Veronica Herrera Last month, I wrote about seeking ways to ensure growth without increasing risk.  This month, I’ll present a few approaches that use multiple scores to give a more complete view into a consumer’s true profile. Let’s start with bankruptcy scores. You use a risk score to more

The irony in real estate originations

- by Alan Ikemura In my last two posts on bankcard and auto originations, I provided evidence as to why lenders have reason to feel optimistic about their growth prospects in 2012.  With real estate lending however, the recovery, or lack thereof looks like it may continue to struggle throughout more

Are auto originations running out of gas?

- by Alan Ikemura If you attended any of our past credit trends Webinars, you’ve heard me mention time and again how auto originations have been a standout during these times when overall consumer lending has been a challenge.   In fact, total originated auto volumes topped $100B in the more

Scoring 101 – Evolution of scoring

-- by Veronica HerreraFor as long as there have been loans, there has been credit risk and risk management. In the early days of US banking, the difficulty in assessing risk meant that lending was severely limited, and many people were effectively locked out of the lending system. Individual more

The Dodd-Frank Act’s affect on profitability

- by Stacie Baker Just before the holidays, the Fed released proposed rules, which implement Sections 165 and 166 of the Dodd-Frank Act. According to The American Bankers Association, “The proposals cover such issues as risk-based capital requirements, leverage, resolution planning, more

New year... new growth?

- by Alan Ikemura As we kick off the new year, I thought I’d dedicate a few blog posts to cover what some of the consumer credit trends are pointing to for potential growth opportunities in 2012, specifically on new loan originations for bankcard, automotive and real estate lending. With the more

Treatment of medical debts in scores

--by Kari Michel The way medical debts are treated in scores may change with the introduction of June 2011, Medical Debt Responsibility Act. The Medical Debt Responsibility Act would require the three national credit bureaus to expunge medical collection records of $2,500 or less from files more