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Andrew Beddoes, senior business consultant with Experian's Global Consulting Practice, brings over 15 years of deep expertise in consumer credit risk management. His specialty areas include originations, acquisitions, portfolio management and collections, with strong expertise in customer-level decision management for retail banking, credit cards and retail credit.  He has the unique ability to understand how predictive models can be used in decision strategies to transform analytics into customer treatments that help organizations grow profitably in a controlled environment. He has redesigned customer-level acquisitions suite of strategies, including scorecard redesign, and deployed decision management product and services across the Customer Life Cycle.

Prior to joining Experian, Andrew served as director of Credit Performance for the Electronic Payment Solutions division of National Bank of Canada and a risk analyst at Associates Capital Corporation UK.  Andrew obtained a bachelor of arts in economics from  the Metropolitan University of Manchester, United Kingdom.  He is fluent in both English and French. 

Andrew is sought after to regularly speak at industry conferences such as:TSYS Risk Conference,  the annual CSRSA (Credit Scoring and Risk Strategy Association) Connference, and Experian's Vision Conference

Organic portfolio growth starts with evaluating loan loss performance

There are two core fundamentals of evaluating loan loss performance to consider when generating organic portfolio growth through the setting of customer lending limits.  Neither of which can be discussed without first considering what defines a “customer.” Definition of a customer The approach more

4 essentials for customer lending limits and successful cross-selling

Last January, I published an article in the Credit Union Journal covering the trend among banks to return to portfolio growth. Over the year, the desire to return to portfolio growth and maximize customer relationships continues to be a strong focus, especially in mature credit markets, such as more