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Best practices for improving agency performance

One of the most successful best practices for improving agency performance is the use of scorecards for assessing and rank ordering performance of agencies in competition with each other. Much like people, agencies thrive when they understand how they are evaluated, how to influence those more

Vendor auditing best practices that will help your organization succeed

  Auditing provides the organization with assurance that all financial controls are in place to ensure that trust account funds are maintained, access to financial records at the vendor location is tightly controlled, customer data is secure, and that the vendor is in full compliance more

Agency management, vendor scorecards, auditing and quality monitoring

Organizations approach agency management from three perspectives: (1) the need to audit vendors to ensure that they are meeting contractual, financial and legal compliance requirements; (2) ensure that the organization’s clients are being treated fairly and ethically in order to limit more

Using maturation curves in early lifecycle treatment strategy, Part 2

--by Jeff Bernstein In my last blog, I discussed the basic concept of a maturation curve, as illustrated below: Exhibit 1   In Exhibit 1, we examine different vintages beginning with those loans originated by year during Q2 2002 through Q2 2008. The purpose of the vintage analysis is to more

Using maturation curves in early lifecyle treatment strategy, Part 1

--by Jeff Bernstein In the current economic environment, many lenders and issuers across the globe are struggling to manage the volume of caseloads coming into collections. The challenge is that as these new collection cases come into collections in early phases of delinquency, the borrower more

Bay Area Credit Services seeking to enhance performance and profitability

-- by Dan Buell Towards the end of 2007, the management of Bay Area Credit Service embarked on an agressive strategy to dramatically enhance the company's market position and increase its collection revenues.  These goals could be achieved only through superior performance at competitive rates. more

Collections departments invest in modern technology to improve financial results

--by Mike Sutton In today’s collections environment, the challenges of meeting an organization’s financial objectives are more difficult than ever.  Case volumes are higher, accounts are more difficult to collect and changing customer behaviors are rendering existing business models less more

Prioritze collections process improvement survey results

--by Mike Sutton I recently interviewed a number of Experian clients to determine how they believe their organizations and industry peers will prioritize collections process improvement over the next 24 months. Additional contributions were collected by written surveys. Here are several more

Collector Productivity – Part 1

Put yourself in the shoes of your collections team. The year ahead is challenging. Workloads are increasing as consumer debt escalates, and collectors are working tiring, stressful shifts talking to people who don't want to talk about their debts. What kind of incentives can improve your more

Something Old, Something New

-- by Jeff Bernstein So, here I am with my first contribution to Experian Decision Analytics’ collections blog, and what I am discussing has practically nothing to do with analytics. But, it has everything to do with managing the opportunities to positively impact collections results and more