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Jacqueline Maybaum is a senior business consultant with Experian’s Global Consulting Practice. Maybaum has 21 years of credit risk-management and marketing experience in the financial services industry. She has an impressive track record of generating revenue and mitigating losses for her clients through her hands-on experience driving credit risk, marketing, collections and high-risk account-management strategies for some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Her consumer-lending experience spans multiple products, functions and disciplines. They include unsecured revolving credit; closed-end unsecured and secured lending; marketing; research and analytics; finance; and collections. She anticipates her clients’ needs, provides innovative targeted marketing ideas and easily articulates the business reasons behind her proven strategies. She also provides clients with the information required to win buy-in from their internal constituents.
Employing techniques such as global benchmarking and analyzing internal and external data sources, Maybaum assists clients in identifying customers to target and the relevant rewards programs to offer them to generate the highest returns. She also focuses on analytics and marketing strategies that drive profitable new-customer acquisitions for clients. For their existing customers, she recommends options that they may not have considered previously. She uses precision segmentation and targeting, risk-management assessment and dynamic delivery of personalized, relevant offers and treatments in identifying those options.
Maybaum encourages open dialogue because consultants can furnish a different perspective to a business challenge that can spark solutions that may differ form the norm. This is especially true as clients navigate through regulatory changes and return-to-growth strategies after the last economic cycle.
She credits her two decades with Citibank, JPMorgan Chase and several regional financial services institutions for her in-depth understanding of how to address many of the challenges her clients confront today. Previously, Maybaum was Senior Vice President in the retail cards group at Citibank, where she led the High Risk Account Management Team and was responsible for segmentation and account-management strategies for high-risk assets.  At Citibank, she also managed Existing Customer Balance Build Programs and Risk-Based Marketing initiatives including Balance Transfer Programs, Line Management and High-risk customer communications (Marketing) functions.
Maybaum earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in finance from Hofstra University.

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