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Lessons from the Indy 500 for auto lenders

Living just outside of Indianapolis, I can tell you that the month of May is all about "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing", the Indy 500.  The four horsemen of the apocalypse could be in town, but if those horses are not sponsored by Andretti Racing or Pennzoil – forget about it.  This year the more

Ben Franklin - founding father, inventor, commercial fraud visionary?

On January 17th, we celebrated the 308th birthday of one of America's most famous founding fathers, Ben Franklin. I've been a lifelong fan of his after reading his biography while in middle school, and each year when his birthday rolls around I'm inspired to research him a bit more since there more

Case Study: Knowing When To Pull the Debt Collection Trigger

Contact information such as phone numbers and addresses are fundamental to being able to reach a debtor, but knowing when to reach out to the debtor is also a crucial factor impacting success or failure in getting payment. As referenced in the chart below, when a consumer enters the debtor more

4 essentials for customer lending limits and successful cross-selling

Last January, I published an article in the Credit Union Journal covering the trend among banks to return to portfolio growth. Over the year, the desire to return to portfolio growth and maximize customer relationships continues to be a strong focus, especially in mature credit markets, such as more

Navigating the plethora of skip tracing data sources

All skip tracing data is the same, right? Not exactly. While there are many sources of consumer contact data available to debt collectors, the quality, freshness, depth and breadth can vary significantly. Just as importantly, what you ultimately do or don't do with the data depends on more

The power of credit attributes in the decision process

In my last post, I covered the importance of using quality credit attributes to gain greater accuracy in risk models.  Credit attributes are also powerful in strengthening the decision process by providing granular views on consumers based on unique behavior characteristics.  Effective uses more

Improve customer loyalty by blending art and science

Research shows that investing in superior customer management easily can exceed returns of 20 percent in the first year of implementation.  A return that compounds in subsequent years as a results of customer-centric strategies that drive customer's loyalty, new customer referrals, and more

Credit attributes: Analytical decisioning building blocks

As building blocks to any predictive model development, it goes without saying that the better the predictive variables, also known as attributes, the more accurate the predictions. For many predictive analytic modeling shops, attributes are a key differentiator to model performance versus more

Cell phones and debt collection: Seeking Mr. Goodbar’s number

It comes as no surprise to anyone that cell phone usage continues to rise, while at the same time the usage of wire lines, or what used to be affectionately known as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), continues to decline. Some recent statistics, supplied by the CDC show that: 34% of all more

Two key behavioral trends most lenders forget to evaluate

As the economy recovers from the recession, consumers are becoming more responsible with their credit card usage; credit card debts have not increased and delinquency rates have declined. Delinquency rates as a percentage of balances continue to decline with the short term 30-59 DPD period, now more