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David Daukas is the director of Portfolio Solutions for Experian’s Consumer Information Solutions. He is responsible for product management and the development of risk management and retention strategies.   

Since joining Experian in 2003, Daukas has served in a variety of management roles. As Manager of New Product Development, he led the creation of Experian’s Global Innovation System. Prior to joining Experian, Daukas spent five years with a management consulting firm now operated by the Gartner Group creating technology strategies for global companies.

Daukas holds a Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Arts in history from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Two key behavioral trends most lenders forget to evaluate

As the economy recovers from the recession, consumers are becoming more responsible with their credit card usage; credit card debts have not increased and delinquency rates have declined. Delinquency rates as a percentage of balances continue to decline with the short term 30-59 DPD period, now more

Regulatory reviews and lessons learned from failed banks

As the economy is starting to finally turn around albeit with hiccups and demand for new credit picking up, creditors are loosening their lending criteria to grab market share. However, it is important for lenders to keep lessons from the past to avoid the same mistakes. With multiple more