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Good news if you're thinking about using knowledge-based authentication

If you're looking to implement and deploy a knowledge-based authentication (KBA) solution in your application process for your online and mobile customer acquisition channels - then, I have good news for you! Here’s some of the upside you’ll see right away: Revenues (remember, the primary more

Isis: A JV at odds

Isis has had a slew of announcements – about an impending national rollout and further assertion by both Amex and Chase of their intent to continue their partnership. Surprisingly (or not) Capital One has stayed mum about its plans, and neither has Barclays or Discover shown any interest. And more

Real-time alerts help consumers monitor their identity, businesses engage with customers

After spending years working in bank fraud, one of the most difficult conversations to have with a consumer is “We can no longer successfully protect your accounts.” Identity theft is shockingly easy to commit.  In most cases consumers are able to recover successfully from compromises thanks to more

How to optimize debt recovery with minor information and process adjustments

Government organizations that handle debt collection have similar business challenges regardless of agency focus and mission. Let’s face it, debtors can be elusive. They are often hard to find and even more difficult to collect from when information and processes are lacking. To accelerate more

Making the most of limited resources in fraud prevention

I don’t know about your neighborhood this past Fourth of July, but mine contained an interesting mix of different types of fireworks. From our front porch, we watched a variety of displays simultaneously: an organized professional fireworks show several miles away, our next-door neighbor setting more

Organic portfolio growth starts with evaluating loan loss performance

There are two core fundamentals of evaluating loan loss performance to consider when generating organic portfolio growth through the setting of customer lending limits.  Neither of which can be discussed without first considering what defines a “customer.” Definition of a customer The approach more

How to determine the overall net yield on assets

So we know we need to determine the overall net yield on assets required to cover the cost of funds and the operating expenses but how?  In the movie Moneyball, the Oakland A’s develop a strategy to win 99 games by scoring 814 runs and only allowing 645 runs by the opposition.  In order to more

How Financial Institutions can assess the overall conditions for generating the net yield on the assets

I am going to take some liberties here.  Nowhere in the movie Moneyball does Peter Brand tell us how he got to the magic number of winning 99 games to get to the playoffs.  My assumption is that given the way that he evaluates the Oakland A’s, he also evaluations the other teams in their conference. more

Case Study: Knowing When To Pull the Debt Collection Trigger

Contact information such as phone numbers and addresses are fundamental to being able to reach a debtor, but knowing when to reach out to the debtor is also a crucial factor impacting success or failure in getting payment. As referenced in the chart below, when a consumer enters the debtor more

Defining the issue - what is it bankers are trying to solve for

What is it we as bankers are trying to accomplish?  If you have been in the industry for 20+ years, this question may sound ridiculous! We do what we do!  We are bankers!  What do you mean define what are we trying to do?  But that is the question, what is it we are trying to do?  I am more