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The Experian Market Intelligence Brief provides historical consumer credit trends

Today we launched The Experian Market Intelligence Brief, a new quarterly report that includes more than 70 charts and data trends on loan originations, outstanding loans and delinquency performance metrics spanning three years. The report can benefit any institution and inform more

When is Big Data too much data?

As Big Data becomes the norm in the credit industry and others, the seemingly non-stop efforts to accumulate more and more data leads me to ask the question - when is Big Data too much data?  The answer doesn’t lie in the quantity of data itself, but rather in the application of it – Big Data is more

The delicate balance between customer and criminal

Sadly fraudsters seem to always be one-step ahead of fraud-prevention strategies, causing organizations to play catch-up to the criminals. And as information security tightens and technologies evolve, so does the industrious nature of organized identity and online fraud. It should be no more

Regulations with benefits

Our clients are facing three primary issues when it comes to regulatory compliance: time resources knowledge Many are facing Matters Requiring Attention (MRA) and Matters Requiring Immediate Attention (MRIA) and don’t have the staff or the capacity to complete all of the work themselves within more

Back to school shopping can be a summer storm for fraud attempts

Back-to-school shopping season will be the first time many consumers' use their chip-enabled credit cards and stores' new card readers. With the average K-12 family spending $630.36 per child in back to school shopping, and more than 1/3 shopping online, according to the National Retail Federation more

Don’t get burned by fraud this summer!

It’s that time of year again – when people all over the U.S. take time away from life’s daily chores and embark upon that much-needed refresh: vacation!  But just as fraud activity spikes during the holidays, evidence shows fraudster activity also surges during the summer, as the fraudster’s more

Three opportunities for the energy utility market of the future

Written by Mike Horrocks and Rod Everson The summer is a great time of the year - it kicks off summer and the time to enjoy the sunshine and explore! It is also for me the recognition that days now are only getting shorter and makes me think about my year goals and am I going to hit them. In more

Digging a Wider Moat: Apple Shifts to Loyalty

Apple eschewed banks for a retailer focus onstage at their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) when it spoke to payments. I sense this is an intentional shift – now that stateside, you have support from all four networks and all the major issuers – Apple understands that it needs to shift more

Utilities making better, faster decisions

Utilities have continued to evolve and are making better, faster decisions about customers signing up for new services.  A combination of best practices with respect to data, analytics and technology is driving efficiency, lowering costs and ensuring all customers are treated equally.  We more

A Customer Lifecycle View of Fraud Prevention

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of chairing the annual Grad School session during CNP Expo 2015. The group was energized by the participation of the attendees and we hope that all gained insight into issues regarding fraud throughout the customer lifecycle as well as future trends in payments, more