Fraud & Identity Management

The delicate balance between customer and criminal

Sadly fraudsters seem to always be one-step ahead of fraud-prevention strategies, causing organizations to play catch-up to the criminals. And as information security tightens and technologies evolve, so does the industrious nature of organized identity and online fraud. It should be no more

Back to school shopping can be a summer storm for fraud attempts

Back-to-school shopping season will be the first time many consumers' use their chip-enabled credit cards and stores' new card readers. With the average K-12 family spending $630.36 per child in back to school shopping, and more than 1/3 shopping online, according to the National Retail Federation more

Don’t get burned by fraud this summer!

It’s that time of year again – when people all over the U.S. take time away from life’s daily chores and embark upon that much-needed refresh: vacation!  But just as fraud activity spikes during the holidays, evidence shows fraudster activity also surges during the summer, as the fraudster’s more

Digging a Wider Moat: Apple Shifts to Loyalty

Apple eschewed banks for a retailer focus onstage at their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) when it spoke to payments. I sense this is an intentional shift – now that stateside, you have support from all four networks and all the major issuers – Apple understands that it needs to shift more

A Customer Lifecycle View of Fraud Prevention

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of chairing the annual Grad School session during CNP Expo 2015. The group was energized by the participation of the attendees and we hope that all gained insight into issues regarding fraud throughout the customer lifecycle as well as future trends in payments, more

The Year of Mobile Payments - 2015

Recently, I sat down to answer three questions for “The Year of Payments - 2015: One Quarter in” for on the topic of mobile payments in regards to: How Q1 2015 is different than Q1 2014 What’s the most significant development so far this year? If “Payments 2015” were a brand and had more

Experian Introduces Enterprise Fraud and ID Business

At the start of the Vision 2015 Conference, Experian® announced a new dedicated enterprise Fraud and ID business in North America. This newly established business unit allows Experian, the leading global information services company, to more aggressively address the growing variety of fraud risk more

What is the true cost of identity fraud in the energy sector?

In the utility industry today, gaining enterprise-wide systemic control over credit risk assessment, identity verification and compliance oversight are causing many leading organizations major headaches.   The ability for IT departments to modify their core legacy systems to effectively more

Understanding Gift Card Fraud Part 2: Fraudsters love gift cards, too!

by Angie Montoya In part one, we spoke about what an amazing deal gift cards (GCs) are, and why they are incredibly popular among consumers. Today we are going to dive deeper and see why fraudsters love gift cards and how they are taking advantage of them. We previously mentioned that it’s more

An Apple Pay solution that keeps fraud away

Apple Pay is here and so are increased fraud exposures, confirmed losses, and customer experience challenges among card issuers. The exposure associated with the provisioning of credit and debit cards to the Apple Pay application was in time expected as fraudsters are the first group to more