Fraud & Identity Management

Ben Franklin - founding father, inventor, commercial fraud visionary?

On January 17th, we celebrated the 308th birthday of one of America's most famous founding fathers, Ben Franklin. I've been a lifelong fan of his after reading his biography while in middle school, and each year when his birthday rolls around I'm inspired to research him a bit more since there more

The many challenges with tax refund fraud detection

Billions of dollars are being issued in fraudulent refunds at the state and federal level.  Most of the fraud can be categorized around identity theft.  An example of this type of fraud may include fraudsters acquiring the Personal Identifying Information (PII) from a deceased individual, buying more

Trust me, I have lots of Facebook friends

I recently read interesting articles on the Knowledge@Wharton and CNNMoney sites covering the land grab that's taking place among financial services startups that are trying to use a consumer's social media activity and data to make lending decisions.  Each of these companies are looking at more

Good news if you're thinking about using knowledge-based authentication

If you're looking to implement and deploy a knowledge-based authentication (KBA) solution in your application process for your online and mobile customer acquisition channels - then, I have good news for you! Here’s some of the upside you’ll see right away: Revenues (remember, the primary more

Making the most of limited resources in fraud prevention

I don’t know about your neighborhood this past Fourth of July, but mine contained an interesting mix of different types of fireworks. From our front porch, we watched a variety of displays simultaneously: an organized professional fireworks show several miles away, our next-door neighbor setting more

Sports Imitating Fraud

Ah, fraudulent behavior is currently enjoying a bright shiny moment in the sun in today's pop culture, particularly in the world of sports. Whether it's a college athlete being duped for months by telephone conversations with a non-existent girlfriend, or the world's best known cyclist coming more

Four Ways to Address Fraud in the Public Sector

Cybersecurity, identity management and fraud are common and prevalent challenges across both the public sector and private sector.  Industries as diverse as credit card issuers, retail banking, telecom service providers and eCommerce merchants are faced with fraud threats ranging from first more

3 Easy Steps to a Smooth HIE Migration

State and Federal agencies are tasked with overseeing the integration of new Health Insurance Exchanges and with that responsibility, comes the effort of managing information updates, ensuring smooth data transfer, and implementing proper security measures. The migration process for HIEs is more

MCX – MerChants reduX

First, it aims to drastically reduce payment acceptance costs through any and all means and Secondly – keep merchant data firmly within their purview. MCX – MerChants reduX: The post that follows is a collection of thoughts around MCX, why it deserves respect, and yet how it is indeed mortal more

Watch a video: How to protect your constituent's identity

Cyber Monday recently passed and I'm curious to know if you were one of the many who contributed to the $1.465 billion spend online that day?  ‘Tis the season - not only for increased online shopping, but for increased ID theft or risk of fraudulent activity. With a quick online search, you can more