Holistic Debt Management

Digging a Wider Moat: Apple Shifts to Loyalty

Apple eschewed banks for a retailer focus onstage at their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) when it spoke to payments. I sense this is an intentional shift – now that stateside, you have support from all four networks and all the major issuers – Apple understands that it needs to shift the...read more

Data governance — Following the doctor’s orders is the best practice.

This is the third post in a three-part series. Experian® is not a doctor. We don’t even play one on TV. However, because of our unique business model and experience with a large number of data providers, we do know data governance. It is a part of our corporate DNA. Our experiences across our many...read more

How to optimize debt recovery with minor information and process adjustments

Government organizations that handle debt collection have similar business challenges regardless of agency focus and mission. Let’s face it, debtors can be elusive. They are often hard to find and even more difficult to collect from when information and processes are lacking. To accelerate debt...read more

Reducing retention risk by listening to the voice of the consumer

It has been over a year that in Zuccotti Park the Occupy Wall Street crowd made their voices heard.  At the anniversary point of that movement, there has been a lot of debate on if the protest has fizzled away or is still alive and planning its next step.  Either way, it cannot be ignored that it...read more

Best practices for improving agency performance

One of the most successful best practices for improving agency performance is the use of scorecards for assessing and rank ordering performance of agencies in competition with each other. Much like people, agencies thrive when they understand how they are evaluated, how to influence those factors...read more

Vendor auditing best practices that will help your organization succeed

  Auditing provides the organization with assurance that all financial controls are in place to ensure that trust account funds are maintained, access to financial records at the vendor location is tightly controlled, customer data is secure, and that the vendor is in full compliance with...read more

Agency management, vendor scorecards, auditing and quality monitoring

Organizations approach agency management from three perspectives: (1) the need to audit vendors to ensure that they are meeting contractual, financial and legal compliance requirements; (2) ensure that the organization’s clients are being treated fairly and ethically in order to limit brand...read more

Data, Data Everywhere…but Not So Many Links

This paraphrased lament from Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner may loosely reflect the predicament facing many communications companies today: afloat on vast sea of customer information, yet, lacking resources or expertise, unable to draw from it much new or actionable intelligence. Not that...read more