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Converting Information to Intelligence - Current Trends in Mitigating Small-Business Risk Through Analytics

As former Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca put it, “Even a correct decision is wrong when taken too late.” Portfolio managers who oversee small-business risks know this well. They realize it when they make a decision about approving or rejecting a loan request and recognize later the correct decision would have been clearer if they could have weighed additional data and used improved analytics. This white paper presents some of these latest trends affecting the small-business lending landscape. Specifically, it illuminates how companies are using the new robust data sources and analytic tools – from consortium data to rapid model customization – to maximize their interactions with small-business clients with greater accuracy.

Creating Value In Challenging Times: An Innovative Approach To Basel III Compliance

In this paper, we will provide an introduction to Basel III regulation and discuss some of its impact on banks and the banking system. We also will present a real business case showing how organizations turn these regulatory challenges into business opportunities by optimizing their credit strategies.

Turning the Tide - Managing Troubled Portfolios

The economy may be recovering and the credit picture improving, but lending institutions still find themselves coping with some troubled portfolios. Plus, they always need to be prepared to identify high-risk accounts. What they can discover is that turning around a challenged loan portfolio requires taking just a few basic steps. This white paper explores how in Arizona Federal Credit Union reversed its misfortunes to emerge from the economic crisis prosperous and with $30 million in profits, illuminating what lenders can do to manage troubled portfolios and reverse poor performance.

Get To Know Your Customers: Account Linking and Advanced Customer Management For Utility Providers

In this paper, we will explore the practice of customer management and key capabilities to improve effectiveness in a complex business environment. It will specifically look at opportunities within the utilities marketplace for account linking and deploying customer-level decisions to the business to help drive portfolio performance retain and grow profitability and strengthen customer relationships.


State of the U.S. Credit Markets - At Last, Signs of Real Recovery

The economy’s recovery from the Great Recession may have started slowly, but it is accelerating – and it’s genuine. Economic indicators tell the story of improving business prospects. As the recovery begins to take shape, many consumers are now turning the corner with it and will present as viable candidates to grow your portfolio profitably. It’s difficult to find any solace in a recession, yet it can serve as an opportunity. 2012 will be the year for lenders to return to pre-recession strategies if they are to grow significantly. This economic rebound is real, and savvy lenders – just like those marathon runners and Tour de France bicyclists – recognize that it’s in the uphill stage of the race that the lead changes.


Home Equity Indicators with New Credit Data Methods for Improved Mortgage Risk Analytics

This whitepaper describes new improvements in local housing market indicators and analytics derived from local-area credit and local real estate information. In the run up to the U.S. housing downturn and financial crisis, perhaps the greatest single risk management shortfall was poorly predicted home prices and borrower home equity.

Understanding Automotive Loan Charge-off Patterns Can Help Mitigate Lender Risk

Loan delinquency rates are one of the most important statistics to track in the automotive finance industry. If consumers are not repaying loans on time, it puts billions of dollars at risk. When high dollar volumes are at risk, it is a negative for everyone in the lending world, including consumers, automotive retailers and lenders themselves. While conditions have improved considerably the past few years, lenders still need to remain vigilant about where delinquencies are most likely to occur. It’s an unavoidable fact that some loans will have to be charged off. Understanding where and how these charge offs occur provides important learning for the industry. Experian Automotive has found several clear patterns that can help lenders better understand the root cause of loan delinquencies.

Strategic Customer Management for Business Banking Portfolios

This white paper explores business banking customer management and the benefits that can be realized from introducing a strategic approach. It will look at the features of a leading-edge approach to business banking customer management and provide practical insights on key areas.


Universe Expansion - Growth Strategies in the Evolving Consumer Market

As the economy gains strength, lenders are engaging in an increasingly fierce competition to entice the best candidates to their portfolios and to grow their lending business. In waging this battle, however, many lenders are concentrating on the super-prime and prime consumer segments. Prospecting strategies currently in use often do not identify the right subpopulations within the near-prime segment. Specifically, there are prospects within the near-prime segment that exhibit low bad rates compared with the broader near-prime consumer base. It is imperative that lenders redefine their targeting/underwriting strategies to prospect and acquire in the near prime space. A variety of prospecting strategies are now available that compliment and expand on a lender’s current growth initiatives – now is the time to ensure that optimal strategies are in place and that opportunities within near-prime are not overlooked.

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