Posts by Kyle Aiman

Kyle Aiman is the product manager for Experian's suite of collections scoring and segmentation products and services, including the Collection Advantage platform. 

Aiman began his career as a Systems Consultant at Ontario Systems, where he worked closely with receivables management/collections customers providing support and implementation services. After leaving Ontario Systems, he began a diverse career in the financial services industry working for companies such as Bank One, Sallie Mae and Liberty Mutual. 

Aiman holds a Master of Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University and a Bachelor of Science in business and marketing from Ball State University and is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute.  

Can credit education help collectors increase payments?

Let’s face it, debt collectors often get a bad rap.  Sure, some of it is deserved, but the majority of the nation’s estimated 157,000 collectors strive to do their job in a way that will satisfy both their employer and the debtor.  One way to improve collector/debtor interaction is for the more

Five ways recovery scoring can improve your debt collection operations

For more than 20 years, creditors have been using scores in their lending operations.  They use risk models such as the VantageScore credit score, FICO or others to predict what kind of risk to expect before making credit-granting decisions. Risk models like these do a great job of separating more