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Smarter eligibility verification is within reach

Fact:  In fiscal year 2011, the federal government allocated ~$608M to investigate and prosecute cases of alleged fraud in health care programs Fact:  Medicare and Medicaid related scams cost taxpayers more than $60B a year These statistics are profound, especially when so many truly need– more

Managing fraud in a mobile world

Mobile devices are everywhere, and landlines and computer desktops are becoming things of the past. A recent American Marketing Association post mentioned that there already are more than 1 billion smartphones and more than 150 million tablets worldwide. As growth in mobile devices continues, so more

Keep service levels up by improving revenue streams

As consumers, we expect service, don’t we? When service or convenience lessens or is taken away from us altogether, we struggle to comprehend it. As a recent example, I went to the pharmacy the other day and learned that I couldn’t pick up my prescription since the pharmacists were out to more

Effectively reach and connect with voters

At a time when people are accessing information when, where and how they want to, why aren’t voter rolls more up to date? Too often, voter lists aren’t scrubbed for use in mailing, and information included is inaccurate at the time of outreach. Though addresses and other contact information more

6 Key Predictions on How Data Breach Concerns Will Evolve in 2014

In less than a year, my information has been compromised twice by a data breach.  The companies involved varied significantly by way of size and type, yet both reacted expeditiously to inform me of the incident.  As much as I appreciated the quick response and notification, I couldn’t help more

Improving crime prevention and awareness with data and analytics

Crime prevention and awareness techniques are changing and data, analytics and use of technology is making a difference. While law enforcement departments continue to face issues related to data - ranging from working with outdated information, inability to share data across departments, more

How to optimize debt recovery with minor information and process adjustments

Government organizations that handle debt collection have similar business challenges regardless of agency focus and mission. Let’s face it, debtors can be elusive. They are often hard to find and even more difficult to collect from when information and processes are lacking. To accelerate more

Four Ways to Address Fraud in the Public Sector

Cybersecurity, identity management and fraud are common and prevalent challenges across both the public sector and private sector.  Industries as diverse as credit card issuers, retail banking, telecom service providers and eCommerce merchants are faced with fraud threats ranging from first more

Solutions to Top 5 Business Challenges of Public Sector Collections

Reduced budgets, quickly evolving technologies, a weakened economy and resource constraints are clearly impacting the Public Sector, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Always with new challenges, come new opportunities. Government agencies must still effectively run programs, optimize processes more

Find Fraud and Prevent Waste

A recently-released staff report prepared for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee revealed that nearly 17,000 efficiency and process improvement recommendations made by agency Inspectors General remain pending as of 2012 and in combination could have saved more than $67 billion more

3 Easy Steps to a Smooth HIE Migration

State and Federal agencies are tasked with overseeing the integration of new Health Insurance Exchanges and with that responsibility, comes the effort of managing information updates, ensuring smooth data transfer, and implementing proper security measures. The migration process for HIEs is more