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Mike Horrocks is a senior manager responsible for identifying and creating strategies that synergize capabilities to address specific demands of the market, and lenders, in all areas of credit and risk management, analytics, fraud, and software solutions.  Through these offerings, clients from the top banks in the U.S. to community banks and credit unions have seen significant gains in key performance indicators.  Mike graduated from Brigham Young University in International Finance and earned a Master of Business Administration from Indiana University.

Mike is a former commercial banker with 15 years of experience on the information management, and management consulting side of the business.   He is also actively involved in several under-banked and microfinance initiatives in emerging markets.   

Is your Risk Ratings making the grade?

I am at the Risk Management Association’s annual conference in DC and I feel like I am back to where my banking career began.  One of the key topics here is how important the Risk Rating Grade is and what impact that right or wrong Risk Rating Grade can have on the bank. It is amazing to me how more

What your lenders want in a lending process – but may not say to you.

A recent industry survey was published that called out the number one reason that lenders were dissatisfied or willing to go to another financial institution (and take their book of business with them) was not compensation.  While, compensation is often thought of as the number one driver for more

The couch and the fitness device – your next branch

Note: As we wrap our 3-part blog coverage of the American Banker webinar, “What’s next for mobile banking?”, we focus on the comments from  Cherian Abraham and a great question on wearable devices.   Experian - What's Next for Mobile Banking from Experian Decision Analytics It is amazing to me more

Be a mobile banking superhero.

Last week I had a friend of mine (who would be a self-declared geek) go to GenCon in Indianapolis.  For those that don’t know anything about GenCon, it is one of the largest gaming conventions in the world and it is the only time that you can expect to see everyday folks dressed up as superheroes more

Mobile cooperation as a competitive advantage

Last week, I spoke to you about an American Banker webinar that Experian hosted on  “What is next for mobile banking”.  Hopefully you were able to attend, but for those that could not, I promised we would cover a few of the key points.  So here we go. I just sent my youngest off to Kindergarten more

Forecasting the next trends in Mobile

As summer comes to end, so does the summer reading list but if you are still trying to get one in, I just finished reading “Isaac's Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History”, which is about Isaac Cline the resident meteorologist  for  U.S. Weather Bureau and the 1900 more

The cost of financial regulation…and now what?

The Wall Street Journal just recently posted an article that mentioned the cost of the financial regulations for some of the largest banks.  Within the article it is staggering to see the cost of the financial crisis and also to see how so much of this could have been minimized by sound more

Lessons from the Indy 500 for auto lenders

Living just outside of Indianapolis, I can tell you that the month of May is all about "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing", the Indy 500.  The four horsemen of the apocalypse could be in town, but if those horses are not sponsored by Andretti Racing or Pennzoil – forget about it.  This year the more

Reducing retention risk by listening to the voice of the consumer

It has been over a year that in Zuccotti Park the Occupy Wall Street crowd made their voices heard.  At the anniversary point of that movement, there has been a lot of debate on if the protest has fizzled away or is still alive and planning its next step.  Either way, it cannot be ignored that more

Discovering the next trend in risk management

In 1950 Alice Stewart, a British medical professor, embarked on a study to identify what was causing so many cases of cancer in children.  Her broad study covered many aspects of the lives of both child and mother, and the final result was that a large spike in the number of children struck more