Can you ever take a vacation from fraud?

-- by, Matt EhrlichAh…the summer vacation. I’ve just returned from mine and it got me wondering, “Do fraudsters take a vacation?” You know they must. Probably somewhere nice courtesy of their illicit activities. On our summer vacation, we stayed in rental homes rather than in hotels because of more

Small business owners suffer ID fraud at one and a half times the rate of all other adults

-- by, Kristan FrendAs if business owners need one more thing to worry about — according to the Javelin Strategy & Research’s 2010 Identity Fraud Survey Report, respondents who defined themselves as “self-employed” or “small business owners” were one-and-a-half times more likely to be victims more

Red Flags Rule deadline slip continues to tarnish a pretty good idea.

-- by Keir Breitenfeld Well, in my last blog, I was half right and half wrong.  I said that individual trade associations and advocacy groups would continue to seek relief from Red Flag Rules ‘coverage’ and resultant FTC enforcement.  That was right.  I also said that I thought the June more

June 1, 2010 Red Flags Rule compliance deadline is just the beginning

Well, here we are about two weeks from the Federal Trade Commission’s June 1, 2010 Red Flag Rule compliance enforcement date. While this date has been a bit of a moving target for the past year or so, I believe this one will stick. It appears that the new reality is one in which individual more

Measuring data performance

--by Andrew Gulledge Meat and potatoes Data are the meat and potatoes of fraud detection.  You can have the brightest and most capable statistical modeling team in the world.  But if they have crappy data, they will build crappy models.  Fraud prevention models, predictive scores, and more

Happy holidays--walkin’ in a fraudster’s wonderland

--by Monica Bellflower I have already commented on “secret questions” as the root of all evil when considering tools to reduce identity theft and minimize fraud losses.  No, I’m not quite ready to jump off  that soapbox….not just yet, not when we’re deep into the season of holiday deals, steals more

Why a risk-based approach to compliance?

--by Keir Breitenfeld  Many compliance regulations such the Red Flags Rule, USA Patriot Act, and ESIGN require specific identity elements to be verified and specific high risk conditions to be detected. However, there is still much variance in how individual institutions reconcile more

Response to reader about "Red Flags" Rule enforcement

--by Matt Ehrlich On Friday, October 30th, the FTC again delayed enforcement of the “Red Flags” Rule – this time until June 1, 2010 – for financial institutions and creditors subject to the FTC’s enforcement.   Here’s the official release: But more

Solving the Red Flags Rule problem, Part 2

--by Keir Breitenfeld As I wrote in my previous posting, a key Red Flags Rule challenge facing many institutions is one that manages the number of referrals generated from the detection of Red Flags conditions.  The big ticket item in referral generation is the address mismatch condition. more

Red Flags Rule...It's alll about referral management

--by Keir Breitenfeld Well, here we are at the beginning of November and The Red Flags Rule has been with us for nearly two years now.  And to add to that, the FTC’s November 1, 2009 enforcement date has passed (I know I’ve said that before).  There is little value in me chatting about the more