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Joel Pruis is a senior business consultant with Experian’s Global Consulting Practice. Pruis is dedicated to delivering programs to his clients that increase productivity and profitability and provide financial services organizations with the tools to gain a competitive advantage in the ever-changing market. He has more than 22 years of experience in origination and portfolio management for small business and commercial credit originated via credit scoring and/or judgmental criteria, process management for small-business lending and commercial lending across all levels of exposure.

Pruis matches these techniques and processes for the business purpose of underwriting and portfolio management within the appropriate segments and balances operational efficiencies with accurate risk identification.
He advises clients that commercial lending is not separate from other types of lending and that the industry is moving forward from the days when it was thought to be too unique to be analyzed , assessed or reengineered in any form. His successful counsel to clients is to be open to having their lending practices analyzed because this type of assessment is the only way to improve operations going forward.
Prior to joining Experian, Pruis was an Adjunct Professor at Indiana Wesleyan University and a small-business banking manager at First Indiana Bank.

Model Risk Governance – It’s not just for the big banks

I have just completed the first of two presentations on Model Risk Governance at the RMA Annual Conference.  The focus of the presentation was the compliance with the Model Risk Governance guidance at the smaller asset sized financial institutions.  The big theme across all of the attendees at more

Model Risk Governance – It’s not just for the big banks!

When the OCC put forth the supervisory guidance on model risk governance the big focus in the industry was around the larger financial institutions that had created their own risk models.  The overall intent to make sure that the larger financial institutions were properly managing the risk more

Economic changes are inevitable, so should be the review of your small business credit risk strategies

As we go through the economic seasons, we need to remember to reassess our strategy.  While we use data as the way to accurately assess the environment and determine the best course of action for your future strategy, the one thing that is for certain is that the current environment will more

How to determine the overall net yield on assets

So we know we need to determine the overall net yield on assets required to cover the cost of funds and the operating expenses but how?  In the movie Moneyball, the Oakland A’s develop a strategy to win 99 games by scoring 814 runs and only allowing 645 runs by the opposition.  In order to more

How Financial Institutions can assess the overall conditions for generating the net yield on the assets

I am going to take some liberties here.  Nowhere in the movie Moneyball does Peter Brand tell us how he got to the magic number of winning 99 games to get to the playoffs.  My assumption is that given the way that he evaluates the Oakland A’s, he also evaluations the other teams in their conference. more

Defining the issue - what is it bankers are trying to solve for

What is it we as bankers are trying to accomplish?  If you have been in the industry for 20+ years, this question may sound ridiculous! We do what we do!  We are bankers!  What do you mean define what are we trying to do?  But that is the question, what is it we are trying to do?  I am more

Times are definitely different in the banking world today

Times are definitely different in the banking world today.  Regulations, competition from other areas, specialized lenders, different lending methods resulting in the competitive landscape we have today.  One area that is significantly different today, and for the better, is the availability more

What is commercial lending workflow and why is it important?

The commercial lending - traditional C&I, CRE and other - segment is one of the last areas to be “automated” or captured within an automated lending platform.   Many of us talk about the need to automate this segment but the discussion needs to start with the question of “What does it mean more

Application auto-decisioning: Misconceptions and proper Use

From a score perspective we have established the high level standards/reporting that will be needed to stay on top of the resulting decisions.  But there is a lot of further detail that should be considered and further segmentation that must be developed or maintained.   Auto Decisioning more

How to create decision strategies for small business lending

Some of you may be thinking finally we get to the meat of the matter.  Yes the decision strategies are extremely important when we talk about small business/business banking.  Just remember how we got to here though, we had to first define: Who are we going to pursue in this market segment? How more