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Rollin Girulat is a product manager on the Collections team responsible for innovation and analysis for opportunities across the entire product suite. Girulat joined Experian in 1988 as an Account Executive for MetroNet®, the product he had built as a Systems Consultant for Metromail. When Experian later acquired Metromail, Girulat joined Experian.

Prior to Experian, Girulat held several positions in Systems at Montgomery Ward, R.L. Polk and Chrysler Corporation. At Ward, his duties included serving as Vice President of Development and Operations for Ward’s insurance subsidiary. Girulat has a bachelor’s degree in general studies with a specialty in computer technology from Roosevelt University.

Navigating the plethora of skip tracing data sources

All skip tracing data is the same, right? Not exactly. While there are many sources of consumer contact data available to debt collectors, the quality, freshness, depth and breadth can vary significantly. Just as importantly, what you ultimately do or don't do with the data depends on more

Cell phones and debt collection: Seeking Mr. Goodbar’s number

It comes as no surprise to anyone that cell phone usage continues to rise, while at the same time the usage of wire lines, or what used to be affectionately known as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), continues to decline. Some recent statistics, supplied by the CDC show that: 34% of all more