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Teri Tassara is a senior product manager for the Decision Sciences group.  She manages the product strategy development and execution for credit attributes and data intelligence products.  Teri brings a decade of product management and product marketing expertise and experience specializing in predictive analytics.  Prior to Experian, Teri led the marketing initiatives at FICO to bring to market the first prepayment health care fraud detection solution.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics and English from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Masters in Business Administration from Graziadio School of Business and Management from Pepperdine University.

Building your bankcard acquisitions analytical toolkit

“Do more with less” is a pervasive and familiar mantra nowadays as lenders seek to make smarter and more precise lending decisions while expertly balancing growth objectives and tightened budgets.  And lest we forget, banks must also consider the latest regulations and increased regulatory more

The power of credit attributes in the decision process

In my last post, I covered the importance of using quality credit attributes to gain greater accuracy in risk models.  Credit attributes are also powerful in strengthening the decision process by providing granular views on consumers based on unique behavior characteristics.  Effective uses more

Credit attributes: Analytical decisioning building blocks

As building blocks to any predictive model development, it goes without saying that the better the predictive variables, also known as attributes, the more accurate the predictions. For many predictive analytic modeling shops, attributes are a key differentiator to model performance versus more

Growth in mortgage loan volume from underwater mortgage refinancing

Negative liquidity, or owing more on your home than its value, has become a much too common theme in the past few years.  According to CoreLogic, 11 million consumers are underwater, representing 1 out of 4 homeowners in the nation.  The irony is with mortgage rates remaining at historic lows, more

Securing profitable growth: The emerging prime population

The intense focus and competition among lenders for the super prime and prime prospect population has become saturated, requiring lenders to look outside of their safety net for profitable growth.  This leads to the question “Where are the growth opportunities in a post-recession world?” more