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Day Three: Experian Vision 2013 Conference concludes

Another Experian Vision Conference comes to a close today but not without a full morning of breakout sessions with compelling speakers and experts sharing real-world strategies for real opportunity and real growth.  The conference concluded with an entertaining and thought-provoking speaker, Sir more

Day Two from the Experian Vision2013 Conference

  James W. Paulsen, Ph.D., Chief Investment Strategist at Wells Capital Management kicked off day two at the Experian Vision 2013 Conference with an upbeat economic outlook for 2013 and what it means longer term, for the next generation. Paulsen is nationally recognized for his views on the more

Welcome to the Experian Vision 2013 Conference

There aren’t many things that energize me more than seeing our clients arrive for the Experian Vision 2013 Conference.  Industry leaders from all over the world have joined us in Southern California to kick-off a full day of insightful topics.  This year’s event sold out in record time and we more